Business Strategy: 8 Pillars of Internet Marketing

Your business success in the digital landscape relies heavily on what you do (or fail to do) in terms of marketing your product or service on the internet. It would be helpful to know the pillars that make up the foundation of digital marketing.


Analytics is crucial to data analysis, forecasting, and process formulation. Without it, you won’t know what areas of your business need tweaking or further improvement.

Mobile Marketing

Smartphones and tablets are now the main platforms of communication. Without your presence in these platforms, you are losing valuable opportunities.

Email Marketing

Most customers have and use email, and many of them check their emails at least twice a day. Skimping on email marketing as part of your campaign can be an expensive mistake.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is not merely writing blogs and whitepapers. When executed the right way, your content should also be considered a helpful resource to your target market.

Social Media

Social media serves as your “word of mouth” that spreads information about your products. You should engage with your customers and audiences using whichever channels they frequently use.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is helpful when you have integrated marketing campaigns. You will be able to assess every phase of your company’s digital marketing process.


An SEO strategy ensures that your hard work in creating content is paying off. You should appear on the first page of a search engine when a customer places a search that is connected to your business.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising goes hand in hand with SEO. It is another way of getting your website on the first page of search engines, such as Google.

When you are looking for an internet marketing service to use, remember these eight pillars and discuss them with the agency before you finalize your decision.


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