Important Facts That SEO Companies Want Your Business to Know


Having great content and a solid web design are two of the best ways to get your business noticed in the wide world of the internet. It’s important to remember that SEO is not an exact science, but looking at the right statistics can push you in the right direction and help to improve how your business is ranked online.

SEO can be made a lot easier to understand when you consider the following facts, provided by an SEO company, about how potential customers find their way to your website.

Which Search Engine?

131 billion searches are made around the world every month, but not all search engines are equal. Google search takes the biggest share with 65.2% of the search volume, and this is followed by Baidu with 8.2%, Yahoo with 4.9%, Yandex with 2.8% and Microsoft sites, such as Bing, taking 2.5%.Read more from this blog:


The Top Signs Your Business Should Start Using SEO Techniques

Use SEO Companies When Your Business Feels Like It’s Going Nowhere

Every successful business will hit a point where it needs a boost. You may find your sales and customer engagement are stagnating, or you may want to improve your brand awareness.

Perhaps you’re unsure whether getting SEO services is the right move for your brand. Here are the signs you should look out for to tell you when you should start taking SEO seriously.

Sales Are Low

Competition is high in most business niches. You may have been experiencing great sales before, but may now be finding customers are dwindling. This can happen for a variety of reasons: a new local company may have emerged, or your site may just be getting lost in the search engine sea.

If your sales aren’t where you want them to be, it’s time to look at your SEO strategy. Using an SEO service can help your business be found again by customers who matter, whether they’re local or from across the globe.Read more from this blog:

The Things Your Business’s New Web Design Can’t Do Without


There’s no greater marketing and promotions tool than the internet. More people than ever are using it to scope out companies, read reviews and understand a brand before making a purchase. Because of this, it’s vital that your business has a web design that catches and keeps the attention of consumers.

All businesses should ensure their website contains the following pages and features, and it’s always best to ensure they look as professional as possible. If you need help to create a stunning new website, contact a web design expert to help put your ideas onto the screen.

An Effective Homepage

Studies have shown that if your site doesn’t interest a reader in less than 5 seconds, they’re more than likely to click away. In a world where there’s huge competition for sales, your business can’t afford to let that happen.Read more from this blog:

Self Employed? Here’s Why You Still Need Excellent Web Design


Being self-employed isn’t an excuse not to have a great website and set yourself apart from bigger businesses. After all, most people use the internet and search engines to find the products and services they need, and a self-employed individual may often find it hard to compete with larger corporations. Having outstanding web design and content is one easy and sensible way of attracting customers, and to show them why your small business is the one they should pick.

Show Off Your Professionalism

Most self-employed people aren’t going to have assistants on hand to build their online reputation and demonstrate their professionalism, even though they often do an excellent job when hired. However, a well thought out website and online profile will show potential customers that you know what you’re doing, and will promote trust, too.

By having an inviting web page with contact information, consumers will also be able to get in touch with you at any time, so you won’t lose out on sales. Your website can detail testimonials, your business history, a useful blog and any other things you think your customers will enjoy reading and push them to a purchase. Read more from this blog:

Why SEO is the Top Online Marketing Choice for Local Businesses in Oklahoma City


While the debate regarding the effectivity of Search Engine Optimization or SEO still going strong, it remains the top choice of local businesses in Oklahoma City to promote their brand. As SEO is one of the most famous internet marketing tools, local businesses still choose to put their trust on the tried-and-tested method to generate more income for their company.

The evolution of SEO

The past couple of years had seen some of the biggest search algorithm overhauls in internet history. The reasoning behind it is simple – engineers behind search engines like Google are aiming to give users more practical data. Gone are the days when keywords are enough to top search results. That is, if a user is searching for say, gourmet food restaurant, the search engine will filter the data to show more options that are near or within the area where the search was made. This is more useful to the searcher as they can actually visit and dine in that place, instead of search engines giving the random restaurants located in far-off places.

Thus, localized SEOs take the spotlight in emphasizing small business within and around a given area.Read more from this blog:

How Internet Marketing Companies Dictate Today’s Market Trends


There is nothing more influential in shaping current market trends than the various internet marketing companies. With the advent of digital marketing, these consulting and service firms have suddenly found a niche in today’s global market and are likely to stick around for a number of years to come.

With almost everybody connected to the internet, it’s surprising that digital marketing has not yet completely wiped out the use of traditional marketing methods. While definitely useful in the current times, digital marketing has its own pros and cons that makes it impossible to do away with traditional marketing methods completely.

The wonders of digital marketing

The biggest selling point of digital marketing services is that it’s relatively cheaper price compared to conventional marketing methods. With internet marketing, every player, big or small, can play the advertisement game evenly. Business owners don’t need to allocate a sizeable budget unlike with the conventional advertisements where those with deeper pockets can afford to buy a bigger spread or lengthier and more frequently shown commercials.Read more from this blog:

The Elements of a Good Web Design for Local Businesses in Oklahoma


If content is king, then surely web design is its queen. It is utterly devastating to see a good web content strategy crammed in a poorly designed web page, in the same way that an ultra-attractive web design is nothing with poorly written and marketed content. This why design and content always go hand-in-hand when creating a company web page.

While it may seem fun to do these things by yourself, it is much more desirable to hire a professional content strategy and web design team to help local businesses, such as those found in Oklahoma City, boost their sales.

What makes a good web design?

Contrary to popular belief, a good web design is more than an artful mix of vibrant colors, eye-catching images and funky font. Even in the digitized age, consumers are smart enough to identify which advertisements are worth their money and time, and which ones are simply junk.Read more from this blog: